Riding Posture

If you’re going to ride your horse well, and improve your horse’s movement, you’ll need great balance and body awareness. Learning the Alexander Technique can give you an elegance and poise that you’ve only dreamed of, or enviously seen in others who make the art seem effortless. It can help you develop stability, sensitivity, flexibility and good coordination – and all ‘off horse’. Your sitting bones are your primary connection to your horse. Get that right – so that your horse can move freely and easily, as you sit, effortlessly poised, enjoying your new-improved skill.

Your Seat Affects your Horse

Your Seat Massively Affects your Horse

When you learn the Alexander Technique for riding posture, you learn a new way of going. By paying attention to the levels of tension in your neck, back and seat, you can increase the suppleness and subtlety by which you give aids, making it almost imperceptible.

The way you use your body has a massive impact on your horse, who can read you like a book. If you manage yourself badly, your horse will find a way to take advantage and evade what you’re hoping for. So your horse mirrors you, whether you’re right or wrong.

Perhaps you suffer from one of the following problems…

  • Riding makes your back hurt
  • Your legs grip upwards
  • You can’t sit at the trot
  • You hollow or arch your back
  • You stick your chin out
  • You get nervous or anxious, especially when you compete
  • You’d like to improve your balance
  • You get caught in a spiral of tension and pain
  • You’ve reached a plateau in you skill level
  • Pain or injury are stopping you enjoying your horse
  • You want to enhance your performance for dressage competition

Perhaps you’d like to…

  • Feel confident and safe in the saddle
  • Help your horse mirror your relaxed, effortless style
  • Enjoy your riding without paying for it in pain
  • Have a happier, healthier relationship with your horse (and a happier, healthier horse!)
  • Having a good seat is vital to your riding posture
  • The Alexander Technique helps riding posture and your relationship with your horse by…
  • Teaching you to notice your patterns of tension, both in mind and body, so you can ditch the extra effort.
  • Helping you find your natural balance and poise
  • Reducing your stress
  • Increasing your body awareness and how your body influences your horse’s movement
  • Increasing your sensitivity to your horse
  • Reducing your pain and helping you sit deeply, with free arms, in equilibrium with your horse
  • Giving you more control and lightness in the saddle, so you can feel confident and safe.
Keep your Horse happy with the Alexander TechniqueKeep your Horse happy with the Alexander Technique

Keep your Horse happy with the Alexander Technique

One-to-One lessons:

You don’t need to be on-horse to learn the Alexander Technique. Either come to one of my clinics, invite me for a home visit, or join in on my next workshop.