Say Goodbye to Neck and Back Pain with the Alexander Technique.

Don’t want to get rid of your back and neck pain? Then just carry on as you are! But if you do, then the Alexander Technique is approved by the watchdog NICE for GP’s to recommend, and it’s clinically proven in an NHS study cut days with back pain by half, after just six lessons. This is a skill you learn for life, so you can keep improving and making big changes to your levels of pain.

Alexander technique ‘does ease back pain’ – The Guardian.

To drop those awful days with neck or back pain, you don’t need to slog it out in the gym. You definitely don’t need to wear jogging bottoms and sweat it out over a treadmill. It doesn’t hurt to learn this. And you can start to learn and quickly feel the benefit – whatever your age, level of fitness, or how bad your posture has become.

The Alexander lessons with James have been a great experience overall. After I have tried various treatments including expensive massages, acupuncture, and physiotherapy during the past two years I decided to give this a go without high expectations. Since I started the lessons my shoulder and neck pain has become less frequent and as I progressed through the course it gradually started to fade away. James was patient to answer all my questions, and he made sure I go home with lots of practice to do. His wealth of experience and encouragement helped me to gain valuable skills of tension release and body awareness that’s effect last beyond the duration of the lesson. It all worked!” Hend, Phd Student.

Will back and neck pain stop you from enjoying the rest of your life?

Are you still struggling to find an answer, or paying through the nose to be prodded, snapped and painfully poked? What would it feel like to take control of your body and wake up with no more pain?

“Physiotherapy and medication gave only short-term improvement. On being introduced to the Alexander Technique I was somewhat sceptical that anything was going to work, but can only describe the relief gained, and maintained, as quite incredible. General posture has improved and neck mobility has returned to that last experienced more than twenty years ago. What more could one ask for?” – Kieran Tobin, M.B, B. Ch, BAO, FRCS(Eng), FRCS(Irl), D.L.O., Senior Surgeon, University College Hospital Galway Ireland. Past President of the Irish Otolaryngological, Head and Neck Society and Past-President of the E.N.T. Section of the Royal Society of Medicine of Ireland.

By the time you finish reading, l’ll have shown you how this easy-to-learn recovery technique can help you ditch your pain, so you can begin to live your life to the full.

The Most Effective of All Treatments.

It’s well known that remaining active, rather than bed rest, is the best approach to back pain; however, there’s been conflicting evidence about the effectiveness of posture or exercise education. Finally, a recent clinical trial funded by the Medical Research Council and the NHS has revealed that the Alexander Technique has an answer.

“The most effective of all the treatments reviewed.”  BackCare, the Charity for Healthier Backs.

The study (detailed in the British Medical Journal) was carried out on 579 patients with chronic back pain. It found that after a year of lessons, people were suffering just 3 days of back pain a month – unlike the 21 days of pain for those receiving normal care.
6 lessons gave 70% of the benefits in just a quarter of the time, and these results apply to most patients with chronic or recurrent back pain. And the people who had Alexander Technique sessions reported improved quality of life, according to the findings published by the British Medical Journal On-line.

“Fortunately, 97% of back pain sufferers could benefit from this one simple technique.” Jack Stern, Spinal Neurosurgeon.

You can learn the Alexander Technique whatever your age and level of fitness – no workouts, no painful interventions, just long-lasting results.
In a British Holistic Medical Association study of people with chronic pain, Alexander Technique was the favourite approach to long-term pain relief. Learning the Alexander Technique teaches you how to ‘drive’ your own body. I like to think of it as getting back your remote control for your movements rather than everything being knee-jerk and painful.

“The Alexander Technique is very safe and gentle”. BackCare Charity.

It really is safe and gentle. In all of the 2400 sessions of Alexander Technique in the British Medical Journal study, not one contra-indication was found. Not one! Each session is an experiment in movement, often fun and entertaining, and you remain completely in control. You won’t find me wrenching you around, or hurting you like many manipulative therapies.

“The Alexander Technique helped a long-standing back problem and to get a good night’s sleep after many years of tossing & turning”. Paul Newman, actor.

Tried it all before?

Have you received effective relief from back pain, only to find your problem keeps coming back. You haven’t been given a long-lasting solution you can use for yourself, have you? Many find no relief, and are forced to live day-in, day-out with the relentless discomfort of pain. Is this you? 4 out of every 5 adults will experience back pain at some stage in their life, but no-one has yet offered you a method for helping yourself to be free from pain that is effective, proven, and that lasts a lifetime. Until now.

“Thanks James. I have much less pain now. My daughter was really pleased to see the improvements and tells me to keep coming!” Mrs B, Civil Servant, Heaton Moor.

What’s the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique Teachers are highly specialised and trained to gently and skillfully bring your head into its best relationship with the top of your spine. This allows tensions in the back, and then the whole body, to be released. You learn to keep this great feeling of freedom going throughout your day. This means a more expansive, more fluid way of moving, resulting in less stress on your body – your muscles, your joints, and of course your mind. Learning the Alexander Technique gives the body time to heal. It takes from 5 to 30 private lessons to gain a really firm understanding of the Alexander Technique, and I’m 100% focussed on giving you what you need in as short a time as possible, which means even one session can give you valuable tools for change.

It also combines well with other elements in a back rehabilitation program. It can help you recover from surgery, derive the maximum benefit from your fitness program, help you improve how you do your recovery exercises, and extend the benefits of osteopathy, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.

“I recommend people to the Alexander Technique who have not improved with traditional rehabilitative therapies. Part of their pain may be due to posture and the improper use of their bodies. Many people who have neck or back pain and have gone through heat, ultrasound and massage with no relief can be helped by learning the Alexander Technique. It definitely works. I highly recommend it.” Barry M. Schienfeld, MD, Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management, Community General Hospital, Harris, NY.

Back pain, neck pain, and headaches, whatever your reason for starting lessons, Alexander Technique helps you learn how to suffer less. But Alexander Technique also gives you so much more than pain relief. You’ll experience improved mobility, alertness, confidence, general health and inner calmness, according to a recent survey carried out by STAT (the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique). I prefer to address the causes rather than the symptoms of your back and neck pain by teaching you how to move with greater ease and poise, so you’ll become the catalyst for your own recovery, relieving pain and preventing further injury. As you begin to use your own body with more skill, the causes of your pain are reduced – or removed.

“This is undoubtedly the best way to take care of the back and alleviate back pain”. Jack Stern, MD, PhD, Neurosurgical Group of Westchester.

How Do I Learn It?

On a basic level, the Alexander Technique teaches us not to compress, hunker-down, or stress ourselves in the face of life’s challenges. That’s why it’s used by actors for the stage, by presenters for meetings, by golfers and sporty types for poise, by teachers and lecturers for stress-relief, by people with posture pain for relief, and by anyone who wants to take back control of their life. But don’t just take lessons to reduce pain – by having a wide, open and upright posture, you’ll look better, and feel much, much more in control of your own body. You’ll feel like you’ve made friends with your body again! And by noticing when stress starts to get us down, you can avoid over-reacting and losing your cool. And the results are always the same – more poise, energy and confidence, and less pain.

“The end result: you look leaner, taller, more poised and confident”. The BBC.

If you live near Manchester, Wilmslow, Stockport, Macclesfield or around Cheshire and have back pain or neck pain, come and find out how much the Alexander Technique can help.
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Here are just a few testimonials from my back pain patients…

“The Alexander Technique makes so much sense and it’s helped my back pain enormously. I have really enjoyed my sessions with James, he’s great teacher and has the patience of a saint – much appreciated ! Thank you, James.” Pauline Clayton, Marple.

“I feel so much better after my sessions in Alexander Technique, and I can sense that this is a technique that will make my life easier, comfier and dare I say it – painfree – with no nasty uncomfortable or invasive therapies. It’s a liberating discovery, many thanks James.” Sharon Rollinson, Specialist Nurse, Stockport.

Don’t put it off any longer, just get it sorted!

P.S. Remember I offer a guarantee – if you don’t feel the benefit from your session, you don’t pay for it. Simple!

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