Repetitive Strain Injury, RSI, WRULD, OOS, whatever you want to call it, it hurts!

Struggling to find RSI help?

RSI and the Alexander TechniqueIf you’ve got RSI in and live in the Manchester or the Cheshire area, you can see me to find out how I got over it.
Perhaps you’ve tried many of the recommended forms of exercise or had osteopathy or chiropractic sessions, or tried meditation or yoga, and not found an answer. Or maybe they’ve work for you in the short-term, but the pain soon returns.
Repetitive Strain Injury (Occupational Overuse Syndrome, Cumulative Trauma Disorder, or Work-Related Upper Limb Disorder) includes a raft of different conditions and symptoms in the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands.
Many people recover using the Alexander Technique for their RSI, leaving them able to do all those things that they were unable to because of the pain.

You can learn:

  • How to stop doing the things that make your RSI worse. Your pain levels will drop as you recover.
  • How to sit at a computer, type, drive a car, or perform repetitive acts like playing a musical instrument in a way that feels lighter and easier, and causes you much less pain.
  • How to be happier and less stressed. It’s much more rewarding to be free from pain.

I provide a personalised programme to help you recover from RSI. You’ll learn how to get better on your own, rather than relying on other people, by dramatically improving how you sit, stand and move. Your posture and actions flow much more freely, releasing all that daily tension and pain.

The effectiveness of the Alexander Technique is well documented and has been the subject of several scientific studies. It is increasingly recommended by doctors. The RSI Association

Be sure to visit your GP and get help as soon as possible, it’s really important to get working on your RSI straight away! Use Alexander Technique as a complement to working less (or stopping), stretching well (tai-chi and yoga may help but be careful not to overdo anything!), and relaxing as much as you can. Explain to your loved-ones how much it hurts, how little you can do without making it worse, and ask for some sympathy. Healing takes time and the less tense and stressed you are the quicker you’ll get better… Be sure to check out repetive strain and the RSI Association.

How to get rid of RSI with the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique teachers are highly specialised and trained to gently and skillfully bring your head into its best relationship with the top of your spine. This allows tensions in the back, the arms wrists and hands, and the whole body, to be released. You learn how to use your arms without tightening – how to use a computer, car or instrument with more ease and less pain.
The result is a more expansive, more fluid way of moving, meaning less stress for your body. The Alexander Technique Teacher helps you to maintain this over time, until you’re able to practise the technique for yourself. So you have a skill for life, rather than relying on other people to poke, prod, massage and generally ‘do things’ to you.

Learning The Alexander Technique gives your body the time it needs to heal.

It was RSI that brought me to the Alexander Technique in the first place, so I know where you’re coming from, and how painful and upsetting it can be. Because I’ve been through it, I have sympathy for your pains, and can show you how to get free from them. Now I live, free from RSI, in Manchester.

Here’s The Problem with RSI:

  •  You have a work-related disorder (RSI, tendonitis, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb strain, back or neck pain).
  •  You need to earn a living, or are already unemployed.
  •  No-one seems to be able to truly help, or the help is not enough.
  •  Other people don’t seem to realise what a nightmare your RSI can be, and think you’re being over-dramatic or sensitive.
  •  You get mixed messages about what works and what doesn’t.

The answer: I’ll help you by…

  • Assessing your symptoms
  • Giving one-on-one help and support
  • Giving written recommendations to your workplace if you want them
  • Providing a workplace visit with observation and advice (if you want)
  • Helping you to learn to apply Alexander Technique for yourself
  • Giving you stretches and exercises tailored individually to you

You might be surprised to hear that often, the efforts you are making to relieve the pain of RSI actually make things worse.
You may also be surprised to hear that often your idea of stretching actually tightens your muscles and makes the problem worse.
Using the Alexander Technique, I’ll teach you how to promote your own recovery and can show you how to stretch appropriately so that you don’t cause more damage. If you have ergonomic equipment, it won’t work as it’s supposed to unless you are using your body properly as well. If you perform stretches and exercises but don’t have good alignment and use your body well, you’re often making matters worse.

The Alexander Technique is named after FM Alexander and is a set of techniques that are aimed towards postural retraining. Essentially the technique will train your body into adopting a good posture, which will hopefully reduce or eradicate the risk of developing a repetitive strain injury. The method has been widely lauded among physicians as an effective treatment for RSI’s and medical insurance companies have been known to pay for RSI sufferer’s lessons in the Alexander Technique.

I used to be in loads of pain from RSI, before I learned the Alexander Technique and liberated myself from it. Then I trained for full-time for 3 years to teach the Alexander Technique, which means I can help you too.

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