My Journey with the Alexander Technique

Discover how James Crow, an experienced Alexander Technique teacher, transformed his life and posture through the Alexander Technique.


Welcome to my own Alexander Technique story. My name is James Crow, and I am a dedicated Alexander Technique teacher based in Stockport and Manchester. But before I became an Alexander Technique Teacher, I needed a lot of help! Is that like you? Here’s how my journey with the Alexander Technique began.

It’s all ruined! Time to find an Alexander Technique teacher!

My career was in tatters. Everything hurt. I was grumpy, angry, and seriously out of love with my own body. I started to resent it when people didn’t understand my pain. It felt like just because they couldn’t see it, they didn’t believe me. They probably didn’t.

And things weren’t getting better. In fact they were getting a lot, lot worse.

In 2003 I’d started to get pain in my arms. After a while it spread to my shoulders and back, and before long I was struggling to do my job.

As a well-paid IT consultant, I was used to spending long hours sitting at a desk. But the pain was something new to me. What was going on? I went to see my doctor, who suggested I had repetitive strain injury (RSI) . I took a little time off work to get better, and, full of anticipation, went back to work.

But to my anguish, the problem came back. Even worse. I was ruined! Let me reassure you – I know what it’s like to be in pain. I have the book, the t-shirt, the film, the tea-towel. I know what pain is! So I cashed in my health insurance and travelled down to Harley Street to see a specialist.

A very pleasant man, with a tendency to jut my chin forward?

The doctor described me as a very pleasant man with a tendency to jut my chin forward. I’m not sure how I took that, but fair enough! He diagnosed a work-related-upper-limb-disorder (WRULD), declared me unable to work, and handed me a list of therapies to try. Right at the bottom of the list was “The Alexander Technique”, and as he looked me in the eye he pointed to this and meaningfully declared “This is the one that will help you. But it’s not a therapy. Go and find some Alexander Technique teachers!”

I’d never heard of the Alexander Technique. Ever. So for several months I spent my dwindling, sorry fortune taking trains from Leicester to St Pancras to visit a specialist physio. I tried osteopathy. I tried massage. I tried chiropractic. I learned yoga. And tai-chi. I took up running. Strange people in hairdressers wiggled my feet. I bought foul tasting tinctures and herbs and pills. I bought tinctures herbs and pills that tasted of nothing too. And guess what? None of it really helped. Sometimes my symptoms would go down a bit, but a day or two later I’d be right back where I started.

“Alexander’s work is of first class importance and investigation by the medical profession is imperative” – The British Medical Journal

The Challenge

Like many people, I used to struggle with pain and bad posture. Working long hours on a laptop was taking a toll on my body. I was constantly in discomfort, and it was affecting my quality of life. I knew something had to change, but I wasn’t sure what to do.

Right at the bottom, the words were still staring back at me…


So I went back to my list, and there, right at the bottom, the words were still staring back at me. “Alexander Technique”. And I remembered the specialist saying “Go and find some Alexander Technique teachers!”. Why hadn’t I found any Alexander Technique teachers by now? I don’t know. Alexander Technique teachers aren’t very common, there really are very few of us. And I hadn’t heard of it before. Had you?


Discovering The Alexander Technique

So I looked for Alexander Technique teachers and found a Doctor in Leicester, where I lived, who actually taught this unheard-of thing. On the bus I jumped and found myself in front of a bubbly, smiling Doctor/Alexander Technique teacher. At once she saw my problem. I was using my body terribly. I was standing badly, one shoulder lower than the other, with both rounded forward. I was slumping. In sitting, I was a collapsed heap. And I was was stressed. Very, very stressed. Dr. Miriam Wohl, thankyou soooo much, for your patience and skills, you life-saver! As far as Alexander Technique teachers go, Miriam is a superstar.


From the first session, I was hooked. The Alexander Technique wasn’t just about fixing my posture; it was about learning a new way of moving and being in my body. It was about unlearning harmful habits and replacing them with ease, balance, and fluidity.

Learning the Alexander Technique was a revelation. I soon began to feel a bit better, and each session left me feeling positive. My RSI was taking a long time to heal, I’d hurt myself so badly with my bad posture, bad habits, and bad attitude. But I was on the road to recovery. Something just felt right.

The Transformation

From the first session, I was hooked. The Alexander Technique wasn’t just about fixing my posture; it was about learning a new way of moving and being in my body. It was about unlearning harmful habits and replacing them with ease, balance, and fluidity.

Becoming a Teacher

The transformation I experienced was so profound that I decided to become an Alexander Technique teacher. I wanted to share this powerful method with others and help them experience the same benefits. I trained and qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher, and I’ve been helping others on their journey to better posture and health ever since.

My Mission

Now, I help others enjoy learning this life-changing method – it’s the best move I ever made. I love being my own boss, and seeing the transformation of my clients from pain to freedom. You can’t beat it!

My Approach

I believe in a personalized approach to the Alexander Technique. I understand that each person is unique, and so is their journey to better posture and health. That’s why I work with a limited number of clients each week, ensuring each one receives the attention they deserve. I offer sessions on Tuesdays, including evenings, and on Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule.

Your Journey Starts Here

Are you ready to start your own journey with the Alexander Technique? Whether you’re dealing with pain, want to improve your posture, or simply want to live a more mindful life, the Alexander Technique can help. Book a session today and start your journey to better posture, less pain, and a more mindful way of living.

Hassle-Free Guarantee

Try out a session, and feel the benefits there and then, or pay nothing at all. No obligation! I’m so confident you’ll enjoy and benefit from your session I can happily offer you this guarantee. You really have nothing to lose (and no-one has ever needed to take advantage of this, so it’s easy for me to offer, but it’s there if you want, you’re free to choose!)

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I only work with a maximum of 15 people each week, and many prebook their sessions well in advance. This ensures I get the time to look after and help you properly one-to-one!