Public Speaking, Voice and Singing

Voice, Singing and the Alexander Technique

Free Your Authentic Voice with the Alexander Technique.

Improve your Voice, Presentation Skills, Acting and Appearance with the Alexander Technique.

  • Learn how your posture has a massive effect on your vocal quality.
  • Reduce nerves and remain poised, cool and confident – ditch the stage fright!
  • Stand tall and look your best with wide open shoulders, a beautiful long neck, and a full, resonant voice.
  • Great for singers, actors, public speakers, presenters, interviewees, and singing in the shower!

The Alexander technique can help release tension in the body, allowing the voice to become fuller and freer. The Guardian, May 10th 2009

Grace and Poise.

Our voice is affected by our state and poise, and the Alexander Technique helps you to improve this in many ways… It helps you to stop tightening your neck, over-tightening your back, or slumping, and stops that habit of pulling your head back that ruins the quality of your voice. Freer ribs make for a full, resonant voice. And it helps you find those bad habits that are spoiling your performance, then helps you to get rid of them. You can only dump a bad habit once you’re aware of it! Learning the Alexander Technique for singing or to improve your voice can be fun!


Alexander Technique for Singers and Voice

“Learning the basics of the Alexander Technique has proven to be extremely helpful both to my professional performance and voice production. Having a greater awareness of my body and how I use it has resulted in being more present and poised on stage, and helped to maximise my breathing to support a better sound. I recommend Alexander Technique unreservedly to performers of all kinds, and James Crow is a careful and understanding teacher to guide you. Jennifer Parker, Mezzo Soprano RNCM”

Secret of the Stars

“I can immediately tell the difference between actors who have studied the Alexander Technique, and those who haven’t” -Sam Mendes, Academy Award-Winning Director (American Beauty)

The Alexander Technique is taught at all the major music and drama colleges, universities and conservatories across the globe in places like The Royal College of Music, The Royal Academy of Music, The RNCM, Julliard, RADA, Chetham’s, UCLA, Yale School of Drama, NIDA, the Victorian College of Arts, Royal National Theatre , New York University Tisch School Of The Arts, Actors Studio MFA Acting Program, the conservatoires of The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam , e University of Washington School of Drama , The Actors Studio, Old Globe Theatre-London, Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, the Royal Shakespeare Company – in fact pretty much anywhere a good voice is needed! I myself teach at Chetham’s during the summer.
Just some of the stars who endorse the Alexander Technique are Yehudi Menuhin, Paul McCartney, Sting, Julian Bream, James Galway and the conductor Sir Adrian Boult.

In my twenty-three years at the Royal College of Music, nearly every one of my students has been advised at our first meeting to put their name down for Alexander lessons! It is the perfect starting-point for learning about the physical facts of the art of singing and how to put them into practice – Professor Lyndon Van Der Pump, Professor of Singing, Royal College of Music.

If you work with, or simply enjoy your voice, and your vocal quality, singing and confidence matter, then the Alexander Technique is a fun, and effective way to change for the better.

Here, Hugh Jackman talks about the Alexander Technique and how it helps him:

It’s almost impossible to learn how to apply this technique for your voice from a book – if only life were that easy! The best way is to come for a session and try it out for yourself.
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