Frequently Asked Questions About The Alexander Technique

Is it painful?

No way! There a no contra-indications, and it’s very gentle, unlike Physio/Chiro/Osteo or Massage can be sometimes.

What do I wear?

You don’t need to dress for the gym, just come as you are. You’ll be taking your shoes off, and it’s best to wear loose comfortable clothes, with trousers/leggings rather than a skirt.

Is it expensive? How many sessions do I need?

Most people take a couple or more of my ‘Six Step Plans’

But with one set of six being enough for the basics, that’s a great way to get yourself sorted.

Some people come forever, they love how it feels and really enjoy their sessions. But my job is to teach you how to apply it for yourself and send you on your way!

What if I'm no good at it?

Well I wasn’t either, but I’m so glad I found it!

What about Covid?

We each wear masks and sanitise our hands. The rooms are well ventilated, and I clean everything between appointments, so we’re as safe as we can be.

Am I too old to learn the Alexander Technique?

Nope! Many of my clients are in their 70’s and a few in their 80’s. My Wilmslow clinic does have a dozen or so stairs to climb, otherwise you’re good to go!

Can my kids have sessions?

Yes! Parents often bring their kids for sessions, to improve their posture and confidence. I just ask that you sit in on the sessions.

But nothing's worked before!

I get you! Often people try Alexander Technique after the other mainstream therapies, that’s fine! I’d tried them all before I found the Alexander Technique, and it wasn’t until I learned to look after myself that I managed to ditch my chronic pain.

Does it wear off?

I teach you to do it for yourself, so you can practise anytime, anywhere. So long as you apply what you’ve learned, it’s yours for life.