If you’ve had enough of your body being a pain, make friends again with this simple technique.

Take control of your life and learn the Alexander Technique with my easy Six Step Plan. It’s the easiest way to take an Alexander Technique course. The sense of lightness and easy, effortless movement I’ll teach you is yours for life. So you can enjoy all the things you want to again.

Alexander Technique course

Have you fallen out with your body? Is it ignoring what you want, stopping you from making the most of your life? Do you feel trapped by pain, so it’ll stop you working, or worse, ruin your retirement?

If you need to slow down and pay more attention to yourself, if stress is a problem, and you’re in pain or you want to move painlessly with ease and grace, then an Alexander Technique course is for you. It’s already enjoyed by the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Lisa Snowden, Roger Lloyd Pack, Hugh Jackman, Dame Joan Bakewell, Victoria Beckham (even the late Marilyn Monroe) – all to grab more freedom, enjoy better posture, and feel less pain.

“The Alexander Technique makes a real difference to my often tense and busy life. Its thoughtful approach has made me calmer, improved my concentration and given me a clearer sense of my own well being. I am grateful for it.” Dame Joan Bakewell

You can learn to manage your own well-being, and experience the freedom that comes with effortless movement and confident posture-control. Just think of all the times you’re sat badly, or in pain, like now perhaps? Would you like to find out how to leave that all behind? Then you’d definitely benefit from the Six Step Plan, the easiest way to take an Alexander Technique course.

What’s in it for you?

Don’t let your body stop you from doing all the things you enjoy, don’t let it spoil your life, and don’t let it limit your job or your retirement! I know exactly what’s that’s like. I understand what it’s like to be in constant pain and discomfort. I’ve been there. It was awful. But I got through it and I can safely and happily show you how to do the same. Living should be easy, it is allowed for crying out loud! I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t gained a new lease of life by picking this up – and I believe I can help you too. The Alexander Technique is one of the best kept secrets of the stars, the rich and famous, and anyone who just wants to feel better. And now YOU can take advantage. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find a Doctor in Leicester who taught me the Alexander Technique to get rid of Repetitive Strain Injury. You can use it to reduce your pain, to look better (and slimmer according to Woman magazine!). Get ready to feel more confident in your own body, or to simply learn a new skill for life, and age fantastically well. The affordable Alexander Technique Six Step Plan includes six fascinating step-by-step easy-to-learn sessions and an easy-to-follow online posture course, which means you can learn at home too. No more going to places to have people wrangle you around for a temporary fix – you’ll learn enough in this Alexander Technique course to get you going. Ageing well means you can make the most of what you’ve got. We can’t all be super-heroes, but learning to manage our posture habits and how we go through the day can bring many rewards, including less pain, more energy, better posture, and less stress.

What happens in your Alexander Technique Course?

Each safe, comfortable session helps you learn the Alexander Technique as effectively, easily, and as quickly as possible. Alexander Technique is NICE recommended and GP’s are advised to recommend it to their patients. You’ll be flabbergasted at how quickly you can discover the basics and start applying them to your daily life – at home, at work or at play. Learning like this is an experience you’ll enjoy and benefit from. By learning to be easily aware of your posture – and changing how you think about it, you’ll soon start experiencing free, effortless movement with less tension and pain. You can make friends with your body again! I use hands-on work, step-by-step explanations, video tutorials, safe and simple balance games, and helpful feedback to help you take back control. It’s the best way to learn better posture and freedom without any daft or painful exercises – so it’s great if you’re savvy and really don’t want to drag yourself to the gym! By the way, in a recent NHS study, exercise only reduced back pain by two days a month, compared to an enormous 18 days when you learn the Alexander Technique – so now you have a good excuse to try something new. And the great thing is, it’s fun to learn!

“I was suffering from back pain, particularly whilst cooking, playing the piano or sitting at the computer. There has been a remarkable improvement since going to James. Understanding the basic principles of the Alexander Technique has made it possible for me to stand or sit without the constant nagging pain I had become accustomed to. In addition to the huge benefits received from the lessons, they are relaxed and fun. I’m also sleeping much better again.” Elaine Naylor, retired musician, came for an Alexander Technique course in Cheshire.

You’re in SAFE HANDS with this Alexander Technique course.

It takes three full years to train as an Alexander Technique teacher. And I’ve been teaching it as my full time job for the last seven years. It’s not like I’m fresh out of a weekend course in Bangor or Milton Keynes to give church-hall yoga or pilates classes or anything like that! I’m a dedicated professional, taking yearly CPD, insured, CRB checked, and STAT-registered. So your Alexander Technique course is guaranteed. At your first session I’ll be checking to see if I think I can work well with you, if you’re going to take your new course seriously. A six session Alexander Technique course was proven, in a large study funded by the NHS, to reduce your back pain by over half – and a course of 24 Alexander Technique lessons dropped those dreadful days with back pain by a massive 86%! And there were no contra-indications. But we need to work together to help you learn, so, now and again, I’ll have to turn someone down. It means I can spend my valuable time with the people who need it most. I might not be able to see you the same week you enquire, or even the week after, there’s often a waiting list. But I will provide the best, safest and quickest learning I can for you! With your Six Step Alexander Technique course there are

  • No painful exercise.
  • No drugs, pills or diets.
  • No invasive surgery.
  • No cricking, cracking, pulling, tugging, massaging or any other painful manipulation.

And once you learn how to look after yourself, you can start to look after everyone around you even better. I’ll tailor your programme to fit your personal needs. In each session I have one rule, and only one rule: “You’re The Boss!” I am utterly dedicated to improving your quality of life, on your terms.

Together in our Alexander Technique course we’ll learn:

  • How to sit at work or at home without pain.
  • How to enjoy walking, running, swimming or any other exercise with less tension and great freedom and poise.
  • How to overcome posture-related pain, pain from RSI or repetitive work.
  • Why standard ‘stand up straight’ posture advice just doesn’t work!
  • How to speak clearly and confidently with all the benefits of improved breathing, so you can shine.
  • A new, freer, effortless posture – to the applause of your friends and family.
  • Look and feel more grounded and improve your self-awareness – leaving you alert and upright.
  • How to boost your yoga, tai-chi, pilates and meditation, if you do them.
  • How improve any sport like golf with minimum effort and maximum results, liberating your innate skill.
  • How to reduce your back pain by up to 86% – without any exercises or painful bodywork.

No-Hassle, Risk-Free Guarantee:

I’m so confident you’ll enjoy and benefit from every session, I can happily offer you this guarantee – if you don’t feel the benefit, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that. You really have nothing to lose (and no-one has ever needed to take advantage of this, so it’s easy for me to offer, but it’s there if you want, you’re free to choose!) This Alexander Technique course comes with a set of six sessions and is proving really popular right now. You can even book sets of 12, 24, or even a one-year pass. But if you’re not sure then just let me know how I can help you.


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