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Alexander Technique for Surgeons

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If you’re a surgeon in Northwest England, you’d definitely benefit from learning the Alexander Technique.

Did you know a study in America showed how you can reduce your discomfort (and risk of surgical error) whilst improving your skills and posture? This study, published in URO Today took a group of American surgeons. They learned how to apply Alexander Technique (which is a form of cognitive postural awareness) to their work. The results were all positive:

  • Reduced discomfort during laparoscopic activity
  • Reduced occurrence of surgical fatigue
  • Significant improvement in posture, trunk and shoulder endurance
  • Potential to reduce the occurrence of fatigue related surgical errors
  • Potential to reduce repetitive stress injuries
  • All subjects reported improved ergonomics and laparoscopic skill

The subject of this study is different from other previous research studies done on the Alexander Technique because it does not focus on pain, but rather on the posture and ergonomics of the surgeon, and how such an improvement in surgeons’ self-awareness and posture can improve their skills and performance outcomes.
I work around Manchester and Cheshire training people how to apply Alexander Technique. I originally used it for myself to remove all symptoms of RSI, and have now been teaching the method to good effect all over Cheshire and Manchester. The testimonials on my website show just how effective learning this technique can be.

As well as the above study, the NHS funded a study in August 2008 which found a reduction in pain-days of 86% for chronic low back pain. As you may know, Alexander Technique is recommended in the NICE guidelines for low back pain.

I believe it’s only because the number of quality, STAT-approved Alexander Technique teachers is so low that the technique is not as well known as it should be. Getting in on the process at this early stage allows you to continue to increase your skill in applying the Alexander Technique for the rest of your career.

Here’s a take on Alexander Technique by Dr Shamie, a spinal surgeon at the UCLA School of Medicine…

The Alexander Technique is basically a way to change harmful positions and postures. The technique re-educates the body. Through a series of one-on-one lessons with a certified teacher, a student develops the skills to execute any action with minimized strain and maximized balance. The good news is that it’s painless, you can do it in your street clothes, and it seems to work. The bad news is that it takes time and patience, and it’ll cost you.

My degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Sheffield, my three-year full-time Alexander Technique Teacher training, and my role as an experienced, insured, and regulated full-time Alexander Technique Teacher mean that I’m an ideal choice to help you.
I’m always pleased to welcome surgeons at one of my clinics, or come to you at your location, to answer any questions, or give you a demonstration to help you understand what it is, and how it can help – just call me on 0161 4316977 or use the contact form.