Surgeons benefit
Yesterday it hit the news that American surgeons are benefiting from learning the Alexander Technique, as reported in Urotoday.
They reported that
All of the subjects reported a subjective improvement in their overall posture following the AT training session.
And that
The subjects also demonstrated improved ergonomics and improved ability to complete the skill sets with the PostAT load time test, suturing and cutting demonstrating statistically significant differences.
So its good news if you’re a surgeon who wants to improve your skill, and reduce your pain.
Of course, this is well know to Alexander Technique afficionados, whether for improving sport, acting, music, presenting, you name it.
And we see a lot of dentists and hairdressers, who like surgeons spend a long time leaning over their clients.
So whatever your job, I’d urge you to find out how you can get better at what you do, and do it with less pain!