Alexander Technique Group Courses and Classes

Learn the Alexander Technique and join our fun group, either to make new friends, hone your skills, or just to test the water.

My group classes take place in Wilmslow at weekends.

Next Alexander Technique classes:

Currently taking names for the next group class – add yours to the list to be the first to know: James, please let me know.

Together we’ll learn…

  • How to reduce or end your neck and back pain
  • How to relax and be happier in your own body
  • How to sit posture-perfect at work, all day!
  • How to drive without stress or pain
  • How to feel more confident and shine with your fab new posture.

You’ll sort out your posture, self-awareness, back pain and presence quickly, safely and effectively with these group courses.
The venue is right in the middle of Wilmslow, at Wilmslow Physio, 20a Grove Street, Wilmslow SK91EB. We’re above the Halifax on the main pedestrian shopping street. There’s ample parking nearby, and oodles of Wilmslow shopping to explore once you’re done.  The cost of the course is only £25 per person for each session, so it won’t hurt your wallet, and you’ll benefit from learning together how to have great posture, more mindfulness, and much, much less aches and pains. If you’re feeling proactive you can book the whole course in advance for £20 per session – you’re free to choose. I limit these classes to twelve people, so you can all have enough one-to-one help to really feel the change. You’ll need to reserve you place to make sure you get in. Do it now while you’re in front of a screen!

  • Gain a tool you can use to help yourself for the rest of your life.
  • Discover how you can learn to manage conditions such as low back pain, bad posture, stress and RSI, and use the technique to help prevent them from developing or recurring.
  • Learn how to be more aware and conscious of your movement and posture habits at work and at play.
  • Learn to let your body move more freely and easily, improve your poise and performance, and increase your sense of well-being.

You can reserve your place by emailing me,, calling me on 0161 4316977, or using the contact form.