Alexander Technique fan Lindsay Tipper

I first went to James Crow in August 2011 because of severe neck and shoulder pain. I felt like I’d seized up! The problem had developed after I had quite a big operation in March 2011 on a major muscle in my back. I’d had physio at the hospital but was left with these problems. Within a few weeks the pain was starting to lessen, and I’m very happy to say it had gone completely within three months. James helped me to understand how important correct posture is. He taught me the correct way to stand, sit, get in and out of chairs and bed, how to lift objects, how to sit at the computer, in the car, even how to hold a book when reading! I think about how I do everything now! I’m pain free and I’m so glad I heard about the Alexander Technique and found an excellent teacher in James. I have to be active in my job and I was very worried about how I could continue with it but now I am fully mobile and energetic. Thanks a million James! The technique has completely changed my life. Lindsay Tipper.

One of the most common reasons people join me for Alexander Technique lessons is neck pain. Usually it’s the result of years of hunching over a computer, slumping badly on sofa’s, or just plain old bad posture. Some people just get away with it, but if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ll need to pay some attention to how you do these things.

Gentle, painless, a skill you learn for life…

When you come to see me, I’ll show you how to hold your neck in the best possible position. And unlike manipulative therapies, I’ll be gently guiding you rather than pushing and shoving, cricking and cracking or painfully massaging you. I’ll work gently with your neck, not against it, so it can ease of and feel great without being painfully massaged, snapped into shape or injected with who-knows-what.

Once you have that lovely released neck, the trick is to learn how to keep it. So we practise everyday situations where we’d normally go wrong, like sitting, typing, driving, eating and so on.

Learn the skill, then keep it going…

So you’ve learned how to have a great upright posture, and you’ve also learned how to remember to keep it going – nothing else works like this, and that’s why it’s so effective.

How many times have you been criticised about your neck posture, only to find yourself back in the same old posture five minutes later? It’s all about becoming more self aware and learning how to carry yourself well. And that can be liberating.

Results you can count on…

Because I guarantee your results, there’s nothing to stop you trying it out. In fact, right now there’s a big study underway by the Arthritis Research Council to prove just how effective Alexander Technique can be for helping you with your sore neck. We’re expecting the results to be brilliant, and no doubt you’ll be hearing about it soon in the news.

“Having tried the Alexander Technique, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying something different for pain relief. It has helped my neck pain enormously and my headaches have reduced considerably. It is so relaxing and very easy to enjoy doing and practising. James Crow, the Alexander Technique teacher, made it so easy and enjoyable to learn, many thanks James.” Christine, secretary, Manchester.

Find out here about how I can help your neck pain.