Looking for Alexander Technique in Macclesfield?

My Macclesfield clinic sessions are right in the town centre, just off Churchill Way and only a minutes walk from the multi-story car-park over the bustling indoor market.
I really enjoy the atmosphere at this clinic. John, the physio who owns and runs the place, seems to be known by everyone in the town! So the clinic is always full to the brim.

I help John with clients whose poor posture is causing problems. Although the rooms are small, the atmosphere is always welcoming and Zoe or Debbie are happy to make you a nice cup of tea.

Alexander Technique Macclesfield address:

Alexander Technique Macclesfield
Stanley Mews,
Stanley Street,

How to book your Alexander Technique session:

Call me now on 0161 4316977 to set up your first session, email me, or use the contact form.