Alexander Technique in-Person and Online Sessions

Get the Alexander Technique in Wilmslow, Stockport, or online in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve been teaching sessions without touch to groups and individuals since 2007, including the NHS, The University of Manchester, and the UK’s largest independent music school.

How it works

Learning the Alexander Technique gives you the tools to sit, stand and move in greater comfort, feeling less stressed, and looking great with fabulous posture. It’s the secret weapon of countless celebs, actors and musicians, and is growing more popular by the day as a help for pain from bad habits, bad postures and horrid positions. We go online together and I show you how to learn and apply the Alexander Technique for yourself.


Work without pain using your laptop or computer

Together we’ll go through how to keep super-comfy posture while you work from home or office, ending the day as fresh as you started (unless like me you’re not a morning person!)

Body Mindfulness

You’ll soon be super-aware of your posture so you won’t keep catching a disappointing glimpse of yourself

Fix your posture

Simple zero-effort exercises and know-how. You won’t need a gym here!

Long-lasting solution

 Take back control once and for all! Because you learn a fun new way to manage your body, the results are yours for life. You don’t need to keep going back to get fixed again and again.

Easy to learn

The Alexander Technique will change the way you hold yourself forever. My advanced learning process makes it quick and simple to learn

Clinically proven, guaranteed results

And what’s more. it’s approved by UK health watchdog NICE for GP’s to recommend, and I guarantee the results so you’ve nothing to lose!

Helping you be pain-free and posture-perfect since 2007

I’m a full-time fully qualified “Teacher of The Alexander Technique”, registered with the Society of Teacher of the Alexander Technique, the largest and oldest member’s register. Which means you’re in safe hands.

One to One clients

Group and Online clients

Years full-time practice

Cups Of Tea

So tell me, James, how do we do this?

It’s soooo simple to get started. Simply book as session for in-person or online. For online sessions, all you need is a laptop, computer, tablet or phone with either Skype, Zoom or Hangouts installed and a webcam or camera so I can see you and help you. I don’t care if your room is a mess! And whether you’re 19 or 90 you’ll find it a piece of cake

Who do I help?

I work with everyone from retirees to schoolkids (parents present!)

  • Over the years I’d say I’ve worked most with GP’s nurses and teachers, maybe just because their jobs are so hard.
  • I get a lot of desk-workers with neck, back, shoulder and arm pain.
  • Some actors and musicians who want to look and perform better.
  • Meditators and Mindfulness practitioners and teachers who want to be more in touch with themselves.
  • Mum’s have their kids learn with me to get them set up well for the future.
  • Company directors, film crews, massage therapists and physio’s broken by the hard work, to name but a few.
  • Pain from work – 40%
  • Retired and want to make the most of life – 20%
  • Image, posture, voice and appearance – 20%
  • Meditators and Mindfulness – 10%
  • Kids and Teens – 10%

Simple Pricing with Paypal or Card

My ‘no-quibble’ money back guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll feel the benefit.

If you don’t feel better than you did before your session, I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked!

From my Clients

Here are just a few of my happy clients.

Or check out my REVIEWS page if you’ve time to burn!

“I think I am very fortunate to have found James Crow to instruct me in the Alexander Technique. I went for help with my chronic headaches and low back pain, which have improved significantly. However I have also found a great insight into my body and my mind and into the relationship between them. This was very unexpected. After just a few sessions I have learned how to look after myself better and for this I will always be grateful. Thank you James”. Dr Brian Goodall.

Brian Goodall

Retired GP

“James helped me to understand how important correct posture is. He taught me the correct way to stand, sit, get in and out of chairs and bed, how to lift objects, how to sit at the computer, in the car, even how to hold a book when reading! I think about how I do everything now! I’m pain free and I’m so glad I heard about the Alexander Technique and found an excellent teacher in James.”

Lindsay Tipper

Baby Sensory

“Alexander Technique is really out on its own when it comes to a positive readjustment of both mind and body to help you lead a more tension-free life. James is an excellent teacher and explains everything in a way you can understand and work with. All you have to do is go with an open mind and commit to trying new ways of approaching familiar situations.”

Sue Wright

Director of Healthcare Communications

“As an actor, I need to have a clarity of mind & body, whether in an audition, rehearsal or performance, Alexander technique helps me achieve this. Since having Alexander lessons, my work load has increased.”





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