What’s age got to do with it?

When you’re feeling good and in great shape, you can enjoy yourself and not bother anyone else.

As Alexander Technique teachers we’re convinced it helps us age well. I’m not talking about the 300 year old man or anything, just that the benefits lend themselves well to a fit and happy old age.

“Margaret Wells is a sprightly seventy-three. Her hobbies include woodwork, working as a silver-smith and painting. She’s even been known to lay the occasional brick. The Melbourne mother of six and grandmother of eight has little time for a conventional health and fitness regime. She prefers instead to practise the Alexander Technique. “It’s kept me young,” she says. “I wish I’d known about it years ago. They should teach it in schools instead of gymnastics.”

Keith Thom – an Alexander Technique teacher in Melbourne, said “We measure their height when they start and again after a few weeks. Sometimes they’ve grown by 2-3 centimetres. Some of things we do can appear magical – making someone taller. But the point is they come to learn a technique, not have things done to them.”

BBC News

Peronally I’m looking forward to being in my nineties – I want a good panama suit and a cane to stroll around with enjoying my old age.

Many of my clients come because they don’t want to be forced to retire from work, or have retired and want to really enjoy their time without being a pain for anyone else. And I’m happy to help. Once your bad posture and back pain are receding, life takes on a whole new era of possibility.

Here’s an interview on BBC iplayer with 97 year old Alexander Teacher Elisabeth Walker, working and enjoying the benefits.

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