If you’re suffering and in pain, you’ll have noticed by now that not a lot helps. What’s worse, because people can’t ‘see’ your pain, they can assume you’re making a big deal of it, or worse still moaning for no reason. Well you won’t get that from me. I spent a lot of my life in chronic pain, thanks to various back problems, many broken bones, and eventually chronic work-related pain. It wasn’t fun, I can assure you. So if you are in pain, I can relate to that.

Thankfully I came across the Alexander Technique, and though progress was slow at first, I’m now enjoying life without the daily discomfort of chronic pain. And life feels much, much better this way.

“Alexander to me is pain free without medication, walk tall and be happy” Shirley Frost, Stockport.

The Alexander Technique helps you to manage your body and movements in a way that helps you to heal. But I also teach you how to make pain less and less a focus of your time, so it’s less of a problem.

“I feel so much better after my sessions in Alexander Technique, and I can sense that this is a technique that will make my life easier, comfier and dare I say it – painfree – with no nasty uncomfortable or invasive therapies. It’s a liberating discovery, many thanks James.” Sharon Rollinson, Specialist Nurse, Stockport.

For instance, a high quality clinical study at University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol , found NHS pain-related costs in pain clinic users appeared to be reduced by half as a result of Alexander Technique lessons. Here are the findings:

“The findings suggest that the AT teaching service is feasible, acceptable, and beneficial (in terms of improving service users’ quality of life and improving patients’ management of pain). Greatest changes were found in how service users managed their pain, for example more than half stopped or reduced their medication, and the impact that the pain had on their daily life. This also led to some behaviour change and changes in awareness and self-knowledge from the service users. These attitudinal and behavioural changes may explain the finding that users of the AT teaching service appeared to reduce their pain related NHS costs by half.”

In another clinical trial, just 6 Alexander lessons halved days with chronic back pain.

Clearly the Alexander Technique is proving a remarkable tool for the reduction of pain.

“James is a great AT teacher- I didn’t realise how good he really was until I was unconsciously lengthening my back and releasing all of my tension in my neck and shoulders and lower back. What this truly meant for me was better sleep, less headaches and ultimately fewer painkillers. I would certainly recommend James if you were looking for a tutor of AT.” Lorraine Heath, Estates Quality Manager, Cheshire.

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