Moor Mag Issue 5

MoorMag #5 by James Crow
This months theme was expert stress-busting advice.
I chose to pitch the editorial on how Alexander Technique can help the classic stress reaction by helping you avoid tightening up…
Stressed? Hassled? Tense?
Stress-busting solutions for modern living…
Our local Alexander Technique expert, James Crow, describes how the Alexander Technique can help with stress. “Why is there so much stress today when life is so much easier than for previous generations? Well, it’s all down to the pressurised ‘high-speed’ way we live – even driving to the supermarket or going to the bank becomes a hassle. Our real difficulties are caused by the way we deal with this rushed, modern life. React, react, react, no time to stop, we even rush to get to yoga or meditation classes, rushing to relax! This is where Alexander Technique can help. The classic stress reaction is painful, we tighten our neck and shoulder muscles, breathe less deeply, and get edgy. Next time you find yourself getting stressed, think about releasing the tension in your neck and face first, then notice how you are standing or sitting, and remember to breathe deeply. So you can keep your cool as you blow your top!” Learn easy, no-sweat stress-busting solutions from James Crow, your local Alexander Technique expert, at