Moor Mag Issue 3

Moor Mag Issue Three’s theme was a “Wellbeing Special”.

I had a small ad and editorial copy, and focused on the ever-giving theme of ‘back pain’…

So you’ve been to see your GP and already tried a physio, chiropractor or osteopath, but still have the same problem?
The chances are that your bad posture is causing you real pain. Check how you’re sitting as you read this. Are you hunched over and sitting badly, despite all the advice to the contrary?
Managing your posture and movement can bring you real benefits, with no need for painful, mindless or tiring exercises!
The Alexander Technique has been used for over a century and is beneficial to all ages. A recent study funded by the NHS proved that days with back pain dropped 86% using the Alexander Technique, so they added it to their National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines.
The Heaton’s own Alexander Technique expert, James Crow, is offering Moor readers a special half price first session if you book before the end of July, just mention this advert.