Company Workshops and Alexander Technique Inset Days.

Thank you as usual for your wonderful work, we always have good feedback from your classes. Gail, University of Manchester Sport

If you’re looking to find some company training or INSET days in the Northwest, I can help. I’ve worked with the University of Manchester, Aquinas College, Stockport Homes, The BBC, and the NHS.

My popular workshops are available at times and locations to suit you. Booking a workshop guarantees an informative and fun session.

Workshop benefits.

Alexander Technique helps if you have bad posture, back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, RSI, or if you just get uncomfortable sitting at your computer. An NHS study proved it can reduce days with back pain by 86%. You’ll feel lighter, more relaxed and really comfortable at your desk by working with your mind-body connection in these fun group classes.

Workshop Feedback…

Your session was very hands-on. We all took away your excellent teachings on how to sit and get up without strain to our bodies. Excellent 2 hours. Caron, South Manchester Reflexology Group

Sample responses from a workshop for Stockport Homes.

20 out of 20 employees said they would recommend this session to other colleagues.

“Facilitator was brilliant…   Could have benefited from a longer session on Alexander technique to be able to start changing our habits and behaviours – could only really scrape the surface of it in an hour! An hours seemed too short for what the trainer had to offer… An excellent session. Thank you… I wish the session had been a bit longer…”

Typical course content:

  • The importance of poise and posture at work and at play.
  • Demonstration of sitting and working badly at the computer and car.
  • Ball games – providing awareness of bad posture and tense reactions to participants.
  • Sitting and standing – providing further awareness of bad posture habits and how it affects our work.
  • Combating the negative effects of stress, office work and 21st century living.
  • Using a phone or mobile without collapsing our necks.
  • Individual posture help for all or any participant who wants to.
  • Physical and psychological benefits of good working practice and posture.
  • How to keep it all going in the office and car.

The Alexander Technique course was excellent and the tutor James was first rate. Susan, University of Manchester

The workshops always prove popular – because I make them fun and interactive as well as practical and useful (who wants to sit still for an hour listening to someone talk at them?). We focus on sitting without pain and improving posture, which goes down well with everyone because you can see just how much better everyone is sitting and standing by the end.

Thankyou so much for your most interesting and informative talk last evening, I’m sure we shall all benefit from your advice. The Red Cross

More Recent Clients:

Recent clients include the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, Social Circle, Cheshire and South Manchester Reflexology Group, Timeout Centre, The Red Cross, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, Walthew House, South Manchester Fibromyalgia Support Group, The University of Manchester, the NHS, the BBC, Stockport Homes, and Aquinas College.

How to find out more or plan your Alexander Technique Workshop or INSET day:

Call me now on 0161 4316977, email me, or use the contact form.