What’s it like?
I liked this video about people’s experiences of the Alexander Technique.
I have to admit, often when I’m asked “what is the Alexander Technique”, the answer I give depends on the situation at hand, and the person asking the question.
This video shows a sequence of people’s experiences, and starts with a quote from Mary Holland that sums up the problem…
It is an illusion if we think that one day the perfect paragraph will be written explaining what the Alexander Technique is… We know that not everything can be expressed in words, otherwise why would we need music, art and dance.
The authors add to this, that…
This film does not define what the Alexander Technique is, nor did it ever intend to. It is rather an attempt to capture an impression, a rough sketch of Alexander’s discovery with a mosaic of voices.
For those who have had lessons, these voices will surely resonate with a sense of familiarity. For those who have never encountered the Alexander Technique, perhaps these voices will spark a curiosity to learn more.
You can’t put it clearer than that. Although some of the video is subtitled, it’s still well worth watching.
I hope you find the video inspiring enough to come and try a lesson….

Experience Speaks for the Alexander Technique from Thomas Glen Cook on Vimeo.