Cheshire Independent Issue 7

Cheshire Independent #7 by James Crow
The brief for this editorial was pain relief. Printed August 2009.
Feeling pain-free and posture perfect
Every one suffers from back and joint pain at sometime during their
life, and for all sorts of reasons.
A study recently published in the British Medical Journal has
highlighted how the benefits of practising the Alexander Technique can
bring relief to many. The results are impressive – for example back
pain sufferers find relief after only 6 sessions, with 10 fewer days
in pain each month; or after a year, 18 less days in pain each month.
Stockport based STAT qualified Alexander Technique practitioner, James
Crow, is working to help people of all ages and abilities to overcome
their aches and pains at a venue near you.
James says “The Alexander Technique isn’t just all about posture and
back pain. With minimum effort and maximum results you learn how to
move more easily and stand tall – which is great for improving your
appearance too.
Actors and musicians are already using the technique to improve their
performances, with fans including Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman, actress
Hilary Swank and Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.
With Alexander Technique, day-to-day tasks, work and sports become
more enjoyable and pain-free, whether sitting at a computer, lifting,
driving, DIY, playing golf or tennis, football, jogging or swimming,
With less pain after a few sessions you will gain a new lease of life.
It’s something that absolutely everyone can learn, so I’m starting my
new introductory courses this summer which means everyone can test the
ground in a small and friendly group. It’s always great to be able to
help people gain the means to deal with life’s aches and pains.
There’s no better time to try the Alexander Technique for yourself and
start to live life to the full again.”
Introductory and beginner’s classes are available near you in
Macclesfield, Wilmslow and Stockport.